Sunrise and Sunset times for BT36 9TE

Monday 17 May 2021

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Transit (sun is at its highest)
Moon phase
First Quarter Moon
Hours of Daylight today
00:30 to 01:30
Hours of Darkness tonight

(lighting-up time)

01:30 to 01:00

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BT36 9TE is a United Kingdom postcode. The local timezone is Europe/London.

Sunrise and Sunset calendar for BT36 9TE in May 2021

All predicted sunrise and sunset times for BT36 9TE are based on ideal weather conditions on level ground at sea level. Actual times may differ according to local conditions. For more information about how the times are calculated, as well as the meanings of things like 'dawn', 'dusk' and 'twilight', as well as why the length of the day on the equinoxes probably isn't what you expect it to be, see the FAQ. is a Good Stuff website.